The State of Design — Swedish Edition 2019 by Design Leadership Sweden

The State of Design 2020

Summary 2019

  • More companies are building their own design capability and starting to operationalize their design capability with more designers and design leaders. Are we seeing a a maturity of the discipline within the enterprises?
  • There are 4 themes where designers can bring value to the organization. The operational theme, the business theme, human theme and technology theme. What theme do you want work with to create an impact in your organization?
  • Ethics is a big one. Designers see what they bring to the table and believe that they can shape the future to something better.
  • There is still a mismatch of what value designers think they bring to the table and what the rest of the organization believes.
  • User centered design starts with empathy and meeting the users, customers and colleagues. Most companies understand this today and it is easier than ever to make this happen.
  • Designers will need business skills in the future. Start by teaming up with business people and product owners to create user centered roadmaps and OKRs that have the perspective customer, business and technology.
  • The salary gap between consulting companies and product/service companies seemed to have leveled out. Are consulting companies feeling the heat and have raised their salaries.
  • There is still a gap between salaries for men and women, let’s make 2020 the year where this is not an issue, ok?


What is your gender ?


What is your age?


What is your design experience?

Design experience

What type of company do you work at?

Type of company

What is your title?

Title mania

Where do you work?


What school have you attended?

What educational level did you go to?

Educational level

How much do you think your education help you in your daily work?

From low to high, how helpful has your education been?

What is important for you right now?

What do you love?

So what is less fun?

What are good qualities as a designer?

How often do you meet your users or customers?

How often do you meet your customers?

How do you learn new things?

What work related book have you read recently?

Popular books

Which design conferences are the best?

What maturity level do you think design is in your organization?

2019 (green) vs 2018 (blue)


Where do you work?

Often at the office or at the clients office

How do you often work?

Working in cross functional teams is the norm

Where is design located in your organization?

Where is design in the organization?

What kind of work?

What are common tasks & methods in your daily work?

Typical tasks

Common methods

What are your tools and programs?

What process, method or tool would you recommend to other designers and why?

  • Empathy map & customer journeys
  • Double diamond process for general design process
  • Impact mapping and running your projects through sprints
  • Design Sprint
  • User decision path
  • Dual track scrum
  • Design thinking. It’s applicable on almost everything.
  • Figma — it’s amazing for collaborating on design, transparent, and super flexible
  • Check-ins
  • Design Studio

Do you have ownership of the design questions in your organization?


Design Ownership 2019

Is is clear in your organization who is responsible for design?

Is there a clear design process in your organization?

A mature design process

Are you actively looking for a new position?

New job?

Where do you look for job?

Why are people looking for new positions?

  • The organization do not want to work in a user centered way
  • Often have to explain the design role and what value we create
  • Boring projects
  • The working environment do not support design work
  • No challenges
  • Bad leadership
  • Want a better salary
  • A more flexible working situation
  • Want to work closer to home
  • Want (more) design colleagues
  • Develop and learn new things
  • Consulting is no fun
  • Want to work abroad
  • More saying, influence & responsibility
  • Less administration
  • Another type of culture
  • Create more customer value
  • Work with non digital touch points
  • Bad colleagues or dysfunctional team
  • Less waterfall and more agile and teams
  • Tired and slow organization
  • Want a new design role, like UX lead
  • Want another type of role, like product owner
  • Work for my own
  • Parental leave
  • Resigned

Salary statistics in Sweden 2019

  • 32 people answered that they have a salary of 60.000 or above
  • 308 people answered that they have salary between 30–60.000
  • 22 answered they had a salary of 30.000 or below
  • Median salary for all responses (360 responses): 42.000
  • Median salary for women (176 responses): 40.000
  • Median salary for men (184 responses): 43.000

Median salary per gender

Median salary per gender

Median salary distribution

Median salary distribution per group and gender
  • Smaller cities 39.000 (48 responses from all around Sweden)
  • The Göteborg region 39.500 (48 responses)
  • The Malmö region 40.500 (23 responses)
  • The Stockholm region 44.000 (291 responses)
Median salary per city

Median salary vs design experience

Median salary per design experience

Median salary vs life experience (age)

Median salary vs age

Median salary vs type of company

Median salary vs company type

Median salary vs size of company

Median salary vs size of company

Median salary vs design level

  • Designer: UX Designer, Service Designer, Visual Designer & AD etc.
  • Senior Designer: Lead Designer, UX Lead, UX Architect etc.
  • Design Leader: Manager, CXO, Head of Design, Design Director etc.
Median salary vs design level

Median hourly rate as consultant or working in an agency

Median hourly rate

How many hours is a normal workweek stated in you contract?

How often do you need to work more than stated in you contract?

Designers work overtime

What other perks do you have at your job?

Thanks to

  • To everyone who has answered, shared and liked the survey
  • and all photographers for photos
  • Tableau public for free data analytics

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Design + Coaching + Transformation + Leadership @ Seventyone Consulting // Mostly in English //

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Jens Wedin

Jens Wedin

Design + Coaching + Transformation + Leadership @ Seventyone Consulting // Mostly in English //

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